Ten reasons to buy travel insurance

Ten reasons to buy travel insurance

Actually, there are probably more than ten reasons why you should buy travel insurance, but for this article we will concentrate on the top ten reasons. These reasons can be very useful when someone asks a veteran traveler like yourself why you always insist on buying travel insurance. Or if you read this because you are a newcomer to travel, and wondering if you are going to invest in a travel insurance, maybe these ten reasons will earn you to convince you of the need for proper coverage. Of course, the actual terms and benefits will vary from company to company. Make sure you read the fine before you buy a travel insurance.

Scenario One - Let's say you and your family are out on vacation. You are at the airport and are waiting to board your aircraft when you hear a message that your flight has been canceled. When you go to the desk and question the airline employees you will find that you have to wait for the next night for the next flight! What are you doing? If you had travel insurance, you would not have any worries in the world. Your policy would cover you for a delay like this.

Scenario Two - Your luggage is missing, and your asthma inhaler is inside. Because you never know when you need it, what are you going to do? How can you get a recipe filled in a strange place? If you had purchased travel insurance for family members and yourself, it would make things a lot easier for you. Just a call to your insurance company's 24/7 helpdesk would get a new inhaler on your way to you as soon as possible. Their job is to help policyholders with any need they may have.

Scenario Three - Somebody hurts your wife at the airport. Inside the bag is everyone's passport as well as most money to spend during your trip. What are you doing? If you had travel insurance, you would only call to get these items replaced.

Scenario Four - You and your family are involved in an accident. Your daughter has a bad broken leg, but there are no orthopedic specialists at any of the nearby hospitals in the small country you are in. What are you doing? Travel insurance covers any form of emergency care, including a transfer to another hospital.

Scenario Five - Your wife wakes up with an abscessed tooth. After receiving several dentists in the city where you live, they are reluctant to treat her because she has a prosthetic hip and there is a chance that the infection that causes the abscess may affect it. She also demands laughing gas, which the dentists do not have. What can you do? Your travel insurance company says that this is not a common dental circumstance, and flies you and your family home so your wife can see her usual dentist.

Scenario Six - It's a day before you leave your trip, and your mother-in-law suddenly changes. You will be reluctant to lose your trip and all you have spent on airline tickets, hotel bookings, etc. However, if you had a travel insurance, your trip would only mean that you will be compensated for your travel expenses.

Scenario Seven - You hear from the news that the airline you planned to use on one of your trips has filed for bankruptcy, and there will be no more flights. What are you doing? Travel insurance will ensure that your refundable travel expenses are covered and help with making other plans to get to your vacation destination.

Scenario Eight - You have planned this trip to a small eastern country for a while. But tomorrow's newspaper says that several buildings were bombed by terrorists in the area where you planned to stay. You decide you do not want to make the trip anymore, and you just have to lose the costs. What more can you do? If you had travel insurance, you would not lose the money. You can cancel your trip and get a refund.

Scenario Nine - You and your family have only had a chance to enjoy this island for a few days when you hear that the area has to be evacuated quickly because of a hurricane that is in your direction. Everyone is nervous and afraid. What can you do? Call your travel insurance agency and let them handle the best way to get you home as soon as possible.

Scenario Ten - You have had an uninterrupted trip so far, but the stress levels you have been worried about will make a mistake is to destroy the entire trip for you. Travel insurance can give you peace of mind and let you enjoy your vacation!

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